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Sort of Review on PoB

I recently came into contact with an old friend of mine. She was the Best Woman at my wedding — I didn’t have a Best Man. But it has been years since we’ve spoken — more than a decade!

Anyway, she bought both my recent books, and write me this note. Yes she is an old friend and that has to be considered, but as she says, she can be critical. She wouldn’t have written what she wrote if she didn’t like my poetry. She would have told it like it is.

So I finished your books and I really loved them. ¬†And I am not just saying that…I can be pretty darn critical. ¬†I thought they were both great but you wanted to know which I liked more and hands down it was Principles for Belonging. ¬†I am not sure I can fully express why as I really did enjoy Mera Bharat. ¬†I think I liked the different stories coming together in Principles of Belonging. ¬†Wow, though. ¬†Your work is beautiful and I love hearing your voice in that form!

Thank you, dear friend!

Looking for reviewers for PoB

I updated my slideshow on my home page to show my book cover for  Principles of Belonging and because it is now for sale. I also added it to the right side of my Web site.

That being said, I am looking for anyone who may be interested in reviewing the book. If you are that person, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll contact you directly. Make sure you provide me with your e-mail address or twitter handle, in case I don’t already have it!


Principles of Belonging is now available!

Principles of Belonging by Joshua Gray
Principles of Belonging

I am very excited to announce that my book-length poem has finally arrived from Red Dashboard, LLC!

It was up for about a day, but then it was taken down after I realized I spelled my own father-in-law’s name incorrectly in the dedication! A typo the editors over at Red Dashboard never would have caught.

Thank goodness for print-on-demand services!

But it is back up again, and it’s nail-biting time… (will anyone like the book?) I remember when my sister’s book came out she asked herself the same question and was anxious about it. I told her she was crazy to even consider it. Now I know how she felt.

But enough of that! To order the book, either stop by its page on my Web site first, where there is a link to order a copy (or two or three); alternatively just go directly to the shopping cart to order.

Book design anxiety

Who ever knew waiting for your book design could make me this anxious? I mean, I really shouldn’t feel anxious about this — there are too many other things in my life to be anxious about — my 17 year-old’s future, where the next pay check will come from, etc.

But sure enough, the anticipation of knowing a book cover is being designed for Principles of Belonging but not yet able to see it is driving me nuts. Sing it, Carly Simon.