Principles of Belonging is now available!

Principles of Belonging by Joshua Gray

Principles of Belonging

I am very excited to announce that my book-length poem has finally arrived from Red Dashboard, LLC!

It was up for about a day, but then it was taken down after I realized I spelled my own father-in-law’s name incorrectly in the dedication! A typo the editors over at Red Dashboard never would have caught.

Thank goodness for print-on-demand services!

But it is back up again, and it’s nail-biting time… (will anyone like the book?) I remember when my sister’s book came out she asked herself the same question and was anxious about it. I told her she was crazy to even consider it. Now I know how she felt.

But enough of that! To order the book, either stop by its page on my Web site first, where there is a link to order a copy (or two or three); alternatively just go directly to the shopping cart to order.

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