Beowulf for children in verse

Beowulf for children in verse

Epic of Beowulf for children. And their parents.

My adaptation of the epic of Beowulf in verse, originally published by and edited by guest editor Alex Cigale, was published by Zouch Six Shilling Press!

All Heroes Have Foes To Fight!!!


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5 Stars on Goodreads!

“Joshua Gray’s poetic re-telling of the Beowulf epic as a tale for children gets to the essence of the action with a use of modern English which is accessible and clear for young minds, listening while busily building their own image-worlds….I have the sense that this new text may well encourage very young listeners…to recall this tale with pleasure and to discover a vibrant curiosity to know more about the doings of Hrothgar, Grendel and Beowulf. It will serve as a wise and entertaining investment in keeping this important story alive and well in our culture’s memory, as oral poetry and a fertile field for imagination, in both children and those who read to them.” — Benjamin Bagby, performer of Beowulf in the original Anglo-Saxon

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