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Sort of Review on PoB

I recently came into contact with an old friend of mine. She was the Best Woman at my wedding — I didn’t have a Best Man. But it has been years since we’ve spoken — more than a decade!

Anyway, she bought both my recent books, and write me this note. Yes she is an old friend and that has to be considered, but as she says, she can be critical. She wouldn’t have written what she wrote if she didn’t like my poetry. She would have told it like it is.

So I finished your books and I really loved them.  And I am not just saying that…I can be pretty darn critical.  I thought they were both great but you wanted to know which I liked more and hands down it was Principles for Belonging.  I am not sure I can fully express why as I really did enjoy Mera Bharat.  I think I liked the different stories coming together in Principles of Belonging.  Wow, though.  Your work is beautiful and I love hearing your voice in that form!

Thank you, dear friend!

Puja Nominated for Best of the Net

This year Durga Puja will begin October 9. Durga Puja is a festival that lasts a week. It is not a huge festival in many places in India, except in West Bengal. In West Bengal, it is a big and exciting time of the year. In 1994 I was privileged to experience Durga Puja in Kolkata (Calcutta).

I ended up writing a poem about it. But I wasn’t satisfied. In fact, I spent the next 17 years working on the poem. Rewriting and rewriting. Tweaking really, no major rewrites. Over and over. This was a poem I refused to give up on.

As if this week couldn’t get any better, I received and e-mail Tuesday morning (India Standard Time) from the publisher of Z-Composition Elizabeth Akin Stelling (@EAkinStelling), where the poem finally found a home.

“Puja” has been nominated for Best of the Net!

To quote Eminem, is this week “crazy insane or insane crazy?”

The poem will also be one of the poems in my forthcoming chapbook, “Mera Bharat”.

Manuscripts Accepted for Publication

This weekend I received the exciting news that Red Dashboard LLC has selected not one but two manuscripts for publication!

The first is Principles of Belonging and the second is Mera Bharat (“My India”).

Principles of Belonging is a book-length poem based on true stories about my parents and parents-in-law. Mera Bharat is a chapbook with poems about my experiences in India.

We are still in the early stages of scheduling, but Principles of Belonging will most likely be out in early 2014, and Mera Bharat will be available a few months after.