2012: A look back

2012 treated me well. I published two books. The first one was Beowulf: A Verse Adaptation With Young Readers In Mind, a poem I wrote for my son many years ago that made it into print as a children’s book, thanks to Zouch Six-Shilling Press. The other was Pot and Sticks, a self-published book of poems by Charles A. Poole, where I acted as editor. I was also guest editor for an found poem issue for MiPOesias, an ipad magazine. I also finished a book-length poem I have been “writing” for about 15 years, an epic of sorts about belonging, using many different types of formal poetry. My move from Washington DC to India has given me some creative juices to finish a book of poetry on my experiences in India that started 18 years ago. Finally, Poembuster — my reviews of individual poems — was revived over at poetsandartists.com.

Overall, not bad.

What will 2013 bring?

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