Where are all the Indian poets?

I have been been spending quite some time now trying to build up my Twitter followers with Indian poets. I have a lot of Twitter friends, most of them poets, and with a handful of exceptions, all of them American. It took a couple years to build my poetry base on Twitter, but it was a steady increase. However, since moving to India, I have been trying to find the local poets; with no luck. None, There only seems to be one answer to my efforts: Indian poets do not use Twitter for poetry-related issues. They fall into one of three categories: They don’t have Twitter accounts, they do but never use them, or they use them but never discuss poetry.

I’m sorry, but I really do not care whether India is beating England in the ever-ongoing Cricket match.


So if you are Indian and a poet, and you are on Twitter, and you want to connect to discuss poetry-related issues, follow me. I promise I’ll follow you back.

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