Two book announcements

First, today is my sister’s birthday! So Happy Birthday sis!

And what a better day than to officially announce that my Beowulf book is now available as an electronic book. Pre-Fire Kindle users may encounter difficulty reading it, since it is loaded with images as so many children’s books are, but you can order the e-book by going here! Available in .mopi (Kindle) and .epub (iPad, etc.). $5.00 USD

Second, I have edited a bunch of poems by Charles A. Poole and put them up as an e-book, posthumously. Charles A. Poole (CAP or Charlie) was my uncle by marriage. He was a recluse, lived alone in the mountains of rural western North Carolina ala Henry David Thoreau and wrote poetry. He passed away before his time about a year ago. His poetry sometimes reminds me of Emily Dickinson, sometimes of Ernest Hemingway. Available in many different e-formats and early Kindle editions-friendly. $2.00 USD

Joshua Gray

Washington DC native poet that now lives in Kentucky.

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