People’s Choice, 1976

Poets and Artists, #33

I see it sparkling where flutterbys land.
Spotlight dips through drops in a spider maze.
The funny ad finishes and daddy
calls it a metaphor but I don’t understand.
He must mean a map since that’s what a maze is
even a spider one. A maze like what
the TV shows, now with more blue shapes than red.
I think the game show is boring but mommy gets excited,
shouts “Hurray!” and bounces to the kitchen while
daddy tells me it’s not a game show but I don’t believe him
because mommy just called grandma and mentions
something about Carter. A contestant, I guess. Later
the game show’s still not over, and mommy tries explaining
its importance but settles on You’re falling over you’re so tired
and I don’t notice my eyes close as I think of sparkling
where flutterbys land and wonder
what’s a metaphor.