My only friend, the end

Perhaps it is fitting I have this Doors song in my head. Today just might be the last day of Monsoon here. For the first time in three weeks the clouds have broken to give way to sunlight and blue skies. India’s states today it is rainy with a 60% chance of precipitation. Tomorrow will be sunny skies, 5 degrees (Celsius) warmer, and only 20% chance of precipitation. The clouds on the radar are mostly out at sea with only a few trails.


It is pretty much leaving on schedule, I believe, and it’s about time. My sons wear heavy clothes for a day and then throw them in the laundry, despite my pleas not to. It takes a week to dry and that’s with the assistance of a pot belly stove; otherwise they mold just like the white comforter did.

It’s gotten colder and it has been rainy and/or foggy for three straight weeks. Loud thunderstorms, light drizzles, nothing but wet weather. the ground became saturated at least a week ago — there was nowhere for the water to go.

The only thing I can think of that remotely comes close to anything I have experienced like this was the DC rainfall of June — what was it — 2008 or so. The basement in our house remained dry while all the other homeowners in our neighborhood employed buckets. My van — just before it was stolen — flooded. But at least that time there was occasional sunlight.

Maybe the end of monsoon comes with a poetry blessing as well. Scott Reid — @apwpoet — apparently read my post on Monsoon Withdrawal and came up with this tweet/haiku:

Shooting rifle into sky / – hole big enough / to empty the clouds.

Thanks man! I was touched.

Joshua Gray

Washington DC native poet that now lives in Kentucky.

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