Dreams and Writing Them

I have been in India for more than a week now and I have yet to have a dream about my new home. My dreams this past week have been very stressful. They indicate to me the stressful existence I lived in America. My dreams have been filled with problems at work, issues at home, economic, political and societal concerns. We came to India with the purpose of living a less stressful life and I only hope we succeed. If you’ve been to India, you know that the pace here is slower and more relaxed. And where we are in India, the hills of Tamil Nadu, will also surely help.

And yes, I do know that stress comes from within.

Last night I had my first dream about being on a plane and going on a long trip, so my guess is my subconscious has left America as well. We will see.

I have tried writing poems about my dreams — twice — with, I think, little success. Are there any poets out there with successful attempts they want to share and pass on secrets to me? I have thought about keeping a dream journal, but I never have. I don’t think it is my cup of tea. But the idea of a poem about a dream based on leaving America for a new life inspires me. At the moment, I also don’t know when I will have time to write it.

We are planning to take a half-day trip outside of town to a peaceful spot with a waterfall. Perhaps it will be enough to ignite my first dream about my new home. And then, if it does, a poem just might emerge.

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