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Five years in the making, Symposium chronicles Gray’s fight with Melanoma, and provides readers with some information on one of the world’s deadliest forms of cancer.

The book is ultimately about hope, and hope is victorious, because as of its release Gray has no evidence of disease!


From the back cover:

“The poems in Symposium are built not with the intellectual exercise blocks that much of modern poetry embraces, but with the essence of an honest life lived. Gray, through a mix of science, lyric, and first-hand experience, dissects cancer in its many forms. Symposium reminds us of the importance of bearing witness to ourselves.”

— Cameron Conaway, author of Malaria, Poems

“Welcome to the beauty and harshness of survival. Using form, astute reflection, and unconventional subject matter, Joshua Gray creates a song that tackles and conquers cancer’s brutality and creates a work that teaches the reader to improvise, overcome, and eventually appreciate the savagery handed to us by not only the human condition but also by biology. This collection is also a testimony of using the arts to persevere to withstand Life’s deepest blows.”

— Nicole Yurcaba, author of Backwoods and Back Words, Instructor of English at Bridgewater College


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