I Am Gilgamesh


I built walls and not one gets through.
I am perfect.


He never did care for this world.
But some harlot lured him forth,
Clothed and offered as my first-born.
I take no blame for his psychosis.


Together we tackle the cause,
A lone enigma we cannot
See, hear, touch, but a watchman no
Less, for the large and darkened woods


Lurk too close. Strength weakens
When shadowed. Love set aside,
I lose desire for his goodwill.
I feel my soul tire with age


As I reach this crisis sooner.
I search for a plan,
A plan to move like the gods.
Important. Someone. Alive,


Instead of when I almost drowned
Under pressure of weathered life,
A bath among the dead.
In drew Noah with the sun,


Its shining arms reached down to grab
My thoughts like a lost tablet
Found, wound me up like an instrument,
For I am King.